The Jezolution will not be televised

After having snatched himself a place in the Labour leadership contest, Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn has ignited a social media explosion. Traditional Labour supporters, and even ex-Labour supporters were whipped up into a frenzy after austerity opposing Jeremy, a vocal advocate of social equality, gained the signatures of 36 MPs, securing himself a place as an official candidate. Jeremy has been championing the victims of injustice throughout his life. Out of his three opponents, Liz Kendall, who is viewed as the outright Blairite amongst the 4 contenders threw herself into the deep end during the initial Labour Leader debate. Kendall, rather than give coherent policies as to how she is going to help the most vulnerable in society, instead spoke of the ”aspirations” of people; an overly used sound bite which is used by none other than David Cameron himself. Jeremy…

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