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The 2015 election result does at least give us clarity. The Labour Party is finished in any meaningful way as a vehicle to promote the needs of working people, the 99% of us who do not own the means of creating wealth and are completely reliant on decisions made by those with the power over whom we have no control.

The destruction of the Labour Party gathered pace in the 1980’s and was effectively sealed by the elevation of the Blair/ Brown axis, (facilitated by Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson and Phillip Gould) to the Party leadership.

In 1997 Blair inherited a somewhat benign economic scenario from John Major and was able to offer a few more scraps from the capitalist table, assuaging some minor clamours for social justice. The minimum wage and advances in health and education spending were laudable. But they were predicated on so called “supply side” economics…

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