#‎30JuneILFcloses‬: Today I’m working in the studio, trying to concentrate on my job, making and facilitating others to make music.  Excited about some schools work coming up! #SaveILF

I need to get a few myths busted before I do though.  ILF is not a benefit and so not part of the benefit cuts debate, its being pushed that way so the government can blurt out its rhetoric about its abhorent behaviour.  I do not pocket the money for myself, every penny is to support me to employ a brilliant team of PA’s to provide all the support I need to live and manage independently.

Independent Living is not about care (of course there is a relationship/cross-over) see the footnote below.

It is emerging that there is a view that I/we are somehow scaremongering about what is happening. That disabled people not on ilf are being ‘cared for’ (again…

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