Labour Briefing

What does Jeremy Corbyn stand for? Heiko Khoo provides some insights.

THIS IS HOW JEREMY INTRODUCED HIMSELF in the Newsnight Labour leadership debate on 17 June:

CorbynJ“I was first elected to Parliament 32 years ago, and I’ve spent that time in Parliament representing my constituency and standing up for rights and justice in Britain and all around the world. I believe that is the function of the Labour Party. But I also think that over the years we have lost our way. We’ve become cowed by powerful commercial interests, become frightened of the press, we’ve become frightened to stand up for what we absolutely believe in. I want a more equal society, I want a fairer society. I want a world at peace, not at war. I want the Labour Party to be the heart of the community that is demanding those things and demanding jobs, homes and hopes for…

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