The poor side of life

I don’t often do this but I read this book quite recently and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all.
The book is titled Northern ReSisters:conversations with political women, written by Bernadette Hyland and was published on the 1 May 2015.ISBN 978-0-9932247-0-06 £5.95. It also is 75 pages long.

This book contains several interviews with a number of women from the north west who have been active in some way either in activism, the trade union movement and other important organisations that have helped to change the way we look upon the world. It includes interviews with women who spent time at Greenham Common, women involved in many different campaigns throughout the years. You may recognise or know some of the women in this book. I am also included in this book.

It sheds light on what it actually is like for a woman to…

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