Kate Fox. Writer, Broadcaster and Performer: Where There's Muck, There's Bras.

Because of how politics being exactly how it’s portrayed on House of Cards and the West Wing and political thrillers, I imagine Northern Labour politicians have had a difficult week this week. Having the bad cop whips put them in nipple clamps and threaten to expose the way they shop at Waitrose (and spend hundreds on Heston Blumenthal ready meals) until good cop Harriet Harman takes them aside and promises a new-build learning community centre cum ciabatta factory for their constituency if they will only agree not to vote against the benefits cuts which will take £300 million out of the North East and reinforce the deadly myths about a big welfare load being the reason we need austerity.

Eight of them resisted. Notably Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman, who drew up a motion saying they should reject the bill. She was recently shadow minister for welfare reform, so knows…

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