A look at the state of homelessness in modern Britain: the causes, effects, and what can be done.

by Daniel Cousins


Homelessness: only three missed pay cheques from the kerb.

On average, homeless men and women die at 47 and 43.

A lot of you will have already passed this milestone; and if you’re younger I bet you’ve got plans for an active and lively middle age nonetheless. Longterm plans don’t hold much water on the street — it’s difficult enough to survive day-to-day and hand-to-mouth.

The estimates for how many people find themselves homeless are striking. In the last year 280,000 people approached their local council for some kind of homeless assistance; of these, around 112,000 made a formal application to get statutory ‘homeless’status, whilst 7,500 people were recorded as sleeping rough at some point during the year. That was twice as many as in 2009. The problem…

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