In a knee-jerk reaction to Corbyn’s rise in popularity, many opponents, including MPs and establishment media outlets, were quick to label him “unelectable”. Some even encouraged right wing supporters to register as Labour supporters and give him their vote in a childish and misinformed plan to “condemn Labour to years in the political wilderness” (The Telegraph). Since then, given the meteoric rise in support for the rebellious left winger, opponents seem to have backpedalled on the “unelectable” brand, with The Telegraph even performing a complete U-turn exclaiming, “Jeremy Corbyn must be stopped”. However, even with the right scrambling for other avenues of attack, recent rumblings from the likes of Tony Blair has meant the question lingers; Is Jeremy Corbyn electable?


Left vs Right

When asked to elaborate on their claims, the only half hearted response Corbyn dismissers seem to have is, “he’s too far to the left”…

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