Jonny Jones on the state of play in the Tory party following Theresa May’s assumption of the leadership and the challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s position as Labour leader.

Image: Steve Eason Image: Steve Eason

After two weeks of disarray, the Tory party seemed to have achieved a degree of stability. It’s no surprise that, in the face of such an enormous political and economic challenge, the first party of British capitalism would try quickly to regain its balance. But the divisions in the party are deep, and Theresa May’s premiership faces significant challenges.

While the party will attempt to negotiate Brexit on the best terms possible for British capital, it does so while divided on what those terms are, and it seems unlikely that incorporating key Leave campaigners into her cabinet will be able to paper over the cracks indefinitely. Some Tories will be desperate to maintain membership of the European Economic Area…

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