John McTernan thinks you’re a moron. And not just if you’re the kind of croissant-munching, wind-chime-hanging lefty the former Blair adviser makes his living disagreeing with. In general. If you’re explicitly right-wing, and actively support the Conservative Party, he probably thinks you’re a moron, too, although a more respectable one – McTernan is too committed to “proper factional politics” to ever cross over to the other figurative row of benches. And if you’re on the centre-left, and haven’t done enough to stop Labour’s rapid move leftwards under Jeremy Corbyn, you’re the most moronic person of all in McTernan’s eyes. It was your weakness that got us here in the first place, he’d say. It was your soft-left MPs who agreed to nominate a leadership candidate they didn’t support in order to “widen the debate.” Accordingly, he hates you, and would rather spend his time with actual right-wingers than you people who can’t even encroach…

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