Electronic and postal ballots for the Labour leadership election will start to arrive from Monday for those still entitled to vote after the party machinery’s various anti-democratic measures to whittle down Jeremy Corbyn’s support.

Labour is asking people to vote electronically where possible to reduce the party’s cost. I’ve seen some encouraging people to vote by post as ‘payback’ for the punitive £25 charge imposed on those wishing to register as supporters – which includes many full members who have been deprived of their member vote as a result of the lame-duck and soon-to-be-replaced NEC’s decision to use dubious court decisions to enforce their disenfranchisement.

In spite of all this, I’d still encourage people to vote online, as Labour with a renewed Corbyn mandate will need the funds.

However, I would say this: vote by post or vote online – but keep a record of your completed vote.


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