The process of CLPs (Constituency Labour Parties) nominating their preferred candidates in the Labour leadership contest is almost at an end, with tomorrow the deadline for nominations.

The nominations have no direct influence on the result, but the number of CLP nominations each candidate has received is shown in the leaflet that accompanies ballot papers, so they play a role in establishing the relative credibility of each candidate.

Clearly the Owen Smith campaign is desperately scrabbling for credibility.

Luke Akehurst, bastion of Progress (the shadowy ‘party within a party’ promoting right-wing views in the Labour party), avowed opponent of Jeremy Corbyn and failed 2016 NEC candidate (who still sees fit to call Corbyn ‘unelectable’), has been writing to CLPs reminding them that the party’s rules give them an option to exclude constituency membership from the nomination ballot.

Here’s the email he sent to CLP executives:


He also suggests that they may…

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