How Should Socialists Orient to Mass Protests?

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16266226_10207828632787908_7932847445442645697_nOn Saturday January 21st I went down to the Women’s March on Washington: Toronto. Like most people, I did not really know what to expect. As soon as I got on the subway near my house, roughly ten stops away,  I was surrounded by a packed crowd of would protesters holding anti-Trump placards. This a was sure sign the rally was going to be big. The estimates for the Toronto march ranged from 15,000 – to 60,000. In all honesty it was hard to tell when you were in the thick of it, but by recent Toronto protest standards, it was big (I can think of only three Toronto protests in the last 20 years that are even comparable: the Tamil protest in 2009, the G20 rally in 2010 and the Iraq war demos in 2003).

As soon as I arrived I found the Fight for $15 and Fairness table. They…

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What the Jackie Walker debacle is really all about

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Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

In an excellent piece published by the Electronic Intifada (April 28, 2016), journalist Asa Winstanley shows how media outlets such as the Telegraph, Huffington Post and the Jewish Chronicle have been complicit in the systematic attempt to disorientate Labour Party members and supporters by either printing misleading misinformation or reproducing unsubstantiated accusations and smears against individuals all of which have contributed to a false media narrative regarding alleged antisemitism within the party.

Also in the piece, Winstanley outlines the links between right-wing, anti-Corbyn Labour and the pro- Israel lobby within the party. He meticulously shows how this lobby manufactured an ‘antisemitism crisis’, pinpointing the individuals involved, the tactics and dirty tricks used and the connections to individuals whose ties lead to pro-Israel groups both in London and Israel. Among the individuals Winstanley highlights are David Klemperer who opposed Corbyn’s run for the labour leadership (but has since been kicked out of the party

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