Diane Abbott has had a rough week or so.

First, she was mocked for missing the least important of the Brexit votes, the ‘first reading’ where nothing much was going to happen, via a ridiculous social media hashtag. Gaurang Morjaria on Twitter nailed it pefectly:

gaurang.pngThen she was called an ape by a pig of a Tory councillor, who – we’re glad to note – was suspended for his swineishness.

dianes week.pngThen, after Wednesday’s final Commons vote on the government’s Article 50 bill, leering Brexit Secretary David Davis decided it would be a jolly jape to plant an unwelcome kiss on Ms Abbott in mocking thanks for her vote in favour of the bill. Ms Abbott told him to “f*ck off”. Personally, I think a knee in the family jewels would have made it even better, but of course all the media attention has been on the epithet rather than the…

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