watsonsweatsWatson: a rabbit in the headlights after today’s meeting?

Labour put out an official statement today, following Tom Watson’s hypocritical ‘take-over’ claims to BBC Radio 4 this morning. It reads:

Labour Press
Joint statement from Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson following today’s Shadow Cabinet meeting

Joint statement from Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson

The shadow cabinet met today to discuss Labour’s policy and election plans and had a robust and constructive discussion about the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The shadow cabinet agreed on the need to strengthen party unity. It recognised the right of groups across the spectrum of Labour’s broad church to discuss their views and try to influence the party so long as they operate within the rules.

The leadership represents the whole party and not any one strand within it. No one speaks for the leadership except the leadership themselves and their spokespeople.

The shadow cabinet agreed…

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