Rumours are reaching this blog that Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry may be preparing to challenge Tom Watson for the deputy Labour leadership.

After the debacle yesterday of Watson’s hypocritical and rather desperate attempt to smear the left of the party – again – and to interfere in the Unite General Secretary contest, Watson’s public credibility has reached a new low.

frontbench.pngJeremy Corbyn flanked on the front bench by current and future deputy leaders?

The twin slap-downs from both Unite and a near-unanimous Shadow Cabinet demonstrate that his political standing is equally tenuous. The ‘hissy-fit’ by part of the PLP (parliamentary Labour party) last night only served to reinforce the impression that Watson is in trouble – when the bankrupt likes of John Spellar, John Cryer, Wes Streeting and Neil Coyle are the best he’s got to defend him, his situation is dire.

Ms Thornberry is a popular and capable…

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