Len McCluskey has come out swinging today, with a Huffington Post piece on the Tom Watson debacle that shows the hard-hitting fearlessness – and humour – that shows exactly why Unite needs to keep him at the helm of the country’s biggest union:

len hugg.pngMcCluskey’s observations on Watson are spot on and based on years of experience of Mr Watson’s behaviour:

len huff1.pngBut as well as mincing no words and pulling no punches, McCluskey’s comments portray a humour that you could never imagine from his grey and cheerless rival Gerard Coyne, such as this classic Scouse wit:

len huff2

The piece also shows the statesmanlike ‘big picture’ appreciation of what’s important and how we get there that is singularly missing from Coyne’s ‘doing a Trump’ insular mentality:

len huff3.pngThe article shows integrity, toughness, loyalty, determination and, of course, that humour.

If you want to see the whole thing in all its glory, here’s a link to…

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