Andy McSmith – the head of media for Gerard Coyne’scampaign for the Unite General Secretary position – has been seen meeting with James Robinson, who is head of media for Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson and husband of Progress MP Gloria De Piero.

The meeting took place in Porcullis House, just opposite the main Parliament building.

McSmith then went directly to the office of Jack Dromey, another Midlands MP, ally of Watson and Coyne supporter, on the 2nd floor of Portcullis House, where he proceeded to discuss with Dromey the role that ‘Nick’ (presumably Nick Buckley, media for Coyne and close friend of Watson) would play in the 5 days remaining until ballots for the Unite election are sent out.

The conversation was overheard from outside the room, through an open door.

These meetings prove a direct relationship between these Labour MPs and the Coyne campaign campaign – and…

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