Yet again, accusations of antisemitism are being made against the left – this time in an attempt to smear Unite incumbent Len McCluskey by association and bolster the dwindling chances of his main challenger for the General Secretary position, blairite Gerard Coyne.

A week ago, Coyne wrote an article for the Jewish Chronicle (JC) in which he appealed to Jewish people to ‘return’ to Unite – as if there had been some kind of exodus, an idea for which there is no evidence whatever. The SKWAWKBOX called him out on the fallacy.

The very next day, the JC published an article claiming that Coyne had been subjected to a ‘barrage of antisemitic hate messages on social media‘ from McCluskey ‘supporters‘ because of the article:

coyne jc1.pngVarious social media accounts were quick to jump on this and stoke up the outrage:

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