There are many, many reasons to vote for Len McCluskey as General Secretary if you’re a Unite member. McCluskey ‘gets it’ – the importance of strong unions to the lives of not just their members but of the ‘99%’, those of us who are not beneficiaries of the Tories’ tax cuts for the rich and who suffer from the huge cuts in vital services that they make to fund them. He has fire, spine – and loyalty.

His main challenger Gerard Coyne, on the other hand, is insipid, beholden to right-wing interests and has fought a campaign based on smears, innuendo and hypocrisy. What passes for his ‘vision’ for the union involves a Trump-like retreat behind walls, sticking fingers in ears and saying ‘lala’ while society is dismantled around it, ignoring that Unite members have family and friends who might not be members but still need the country’s…

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