Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will today give a speech that marks a turning point in Labour’s General Election campaign – a removal of the velvet gloves to reveal steel fists to hit the Tories where it hurts.

corbyn intent.pngTheresa May said years ago that she wanted the Tories no longer to be seen as the ‘nasty party’, but the label has stuck with them and her words on entering Downing Street have turned out to be a hollow sham.

Corbyn has, so far, refrained from any kind of personal attack on May, but today he will turn his fire on her personal record of broken promises, failure and dishonesty, telling his audience, the media and the country:

The Tories want the next four weeks to be a coronation, not an election.

No debates. No discussion of the big issues.
Make it all about Theresa May and don’t mention the Conservative Party

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