As Sam Coates of the Times reports this evening, YouGov’s latest polling suggests that Theresa May’s campaign has been so catastrophic that the Tories are on track to lose their Parliamentary majority.

Last weekend’s polling showed the Tories with a tiny, 2-seat majority – but all the momentum was with Labour and even senior Tories were admitting that Corbyn’s surge had the Conservatives in a panic.

Tonight’s result suggests they were right:

yougov 300517.jpgJohn Curtice’s observations after the local elections suggested that Tory polling may be inflated by as much as 10%, so the real picture may be even worse for nasty party – and likely to slide even further over the final nine days of campaigning.

The SKWAWKBOX hears that knives are already being sharpenedat CCHQ and alliances are already under discussion among senior Tories jockeying for position for a tilt at the party leadership as soon as results are…

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