It’s widely acknowledged that Labour has ‘owned’ social media in this General Election campaign, with Buzzfeed even publishing an article about being unable to find any pro-Tory comments. But social media is not the only technological (or for that matter, any other) area in which Labour’s dynamism and innovation has eclipsed the Tories.

Today, Jeremy Corbyn will simultaneously address no fewer than six campaign rallies – with support from an array of musical and acting talent.

Corbyn will appear at five of them via satellite link – but he will appear in person at the sixth. Compared to the stage-managed,  invitation-only events of the Tory campaign, this innovative move shines an unflattering Theresa May’s staid approach – and on her lack of popular appeal.

jc rally live

The Labour Party commented:

Jeremy Corbyn to address six simultaneous rallies across the UK to put forward Labour’s plan to transform Britain for the many, not the few


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