The final poll before voting begins suggests that Ladbrokes’ extraordinary odds of twenty to oneagainst Theresa May becoming Prime Minister might suggest that the bookmaker’s own research is the reason behind May’s long odds.

qriouslyA poll by research firm Qriously, as reported by Wired, puts Labour three points ahead of the Tories in voting intention – Labour on 41.3% and the Tories on 38/5%.

This is more encouragement for Labour members and supporters to go into overdrive tomorrow to ‘get out the vote’, as turnout on Thursday is going to be a huge factor in the result.

There is an easy way for you to find out where your efforts can be best spent – click here for more information.

If you can possibly spare the day, a half day or a few hours, please jump in to ensure voters turn out – your country, our children…

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