The SKWAWKBOX understands that there are two key reasons why the Tories and the DUP have not yet reached a deal on their ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement, causing the Tories to announce today that Theresa May’s Queen’s Speech will be delayed from its expected date of 19 June.

One of those reasons may be more surprising than the other.

The bigger surprise is that the DUP have been genuinely taken aback by the scale and intensity of the backlash against them in England, Wales and Scotland. Living in the ‘bubble’ of Northern Irish politics, where entrenched views become normalised, there appears to be authentic surprise on the party of DUP leaders at how vehemently many people outside Northern Ireland object to their views and connections – and to the Tory direction of travel.

A petition against the deal, launched at the weekend, had reached almost 750,000 signatures at the time…

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