On Thursday night, Channel 4 news featured video of an undercover reporter working in a call centre run by Blue Telecoms on behalf of the Tories, showing activity involving apparent breaches of electoral and data protection law as the Tory party attempted to swing key marginal seats in its favour in the recent General Election.

The SKWAWKBOX has exclusively obtained text messages sent out by Blue Telecoms to one of its call-centre workers over a period of around five weeks of the General Election campaign – texts which:

  • show how much money the Tories were prepared to throw at this campaign, with hourly rates far in excess of typical call-centre rates, as the SKWAWKBOX’s source made clear
  • appear to show an increasing desperation on the part of Blue Telecom (and therefore the Tories) to get more workers and longer hours as polling showed Corbyn closing the voting intention gap
  • show…

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