Fierce Writing

I received the following email from an associate of mine:

Hi Chris, I need your views… I was sickened yesterday when I saw on TV Corbyn at Glastonbury acting like he is some sort of Messiah, lauded by all those white, middle-class kids who paid £200 plus for their tickets who were applauding him for using the GRENFELL tragedy to to score political points… He then tells the organiser in private that he is going to scrap the British nuclear programme when he is PM. I think he has a Messiah complex. Suppose all those privileged kids had contributed their festival fee to helping the poor, now THAT would have been revolutionary.

Glastonbury echoes the great class  divide in our country. Posh people  stay in yurts, arrive by helicopter, are roped off from the not-so-posh. The festival was once a democratic event, everyone roughing it in crap tents on boggy…

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