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Last month, Clive Lewis became famous for his reaction to his huge General Election victory in the early hours of Friday 9 Hune.

Just a few days later, after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, he was in the headlines again for the brief, evocative tweet above that he sent out about the role that our economic and political system played in the deaths of so many residents in the ill-fated high-rise – and the need for that system to change.

It was a masterpiece of succinct political communication. It was also provocative enough to rouse the right-wing media – from Fawkes to the Daily Politics show and everything in between – to first attack it and then use it as a challenge to every Labour politician, even weeks later.

lewis reactsClive Lewis’ famous, endearing post-election celebration

Lewis has spoken exclusively to the SKWAWKBOX about that tweet, its meaning, its aim and the…

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