Fire-safety expert Arnold Tarling has been in high demand – and taken to the nation’s hearts – since his TV interview in which he broke down as he described warning authorities about the risk of high-rise fires and of being woken at 4am with news of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire.

arnold-tarlingFire-safety expert Arnold Tarling

Tarling spoke exclusively to the SKWAWKBOX a few days after the fire and described the UK’s fire-safety testing regime as a ‘sham’ – and today he spoke again to this blog to expose the government’s ‘100 a day’ testing of cladding from high-rise buildings around the country as also a sham – of a very different kind:

The government is using completely the wrong type of test on the cladding material. It’s the type of test you use to find out how many calories are in an item of food! It has no relevance…

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