The Tory press carried a story yesterday about ‘angry protesters’ ‘storming’ Jacob Rees-Mogg’s fringe event at the Tory conference in Manchester. That description was shown to be nonsense by footage – also shown on today’s BBC Daily Politics programme – of Rees-Mogg and protester Shabbir Lakha in a calm if animated discussion of Rees-Mogg’s politics at the event:

But the real situation at the fringe event was allegedly far more than simply protesters not ‘storming’ anything. The People’s Assembly activists allege that they – including a disabled man – were seriously assaulted by conference-goers and security staff.

Alex Knox, a protester from Hackney, told this blog:

I was at the front sitting down. When JRM was up at the table, I got a ‘Tories Out’ banner out and lifted it above my head. After about 4 minutes Jacob Rees-Mogg came up to me. There were lots of objections from…

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