The design of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2017 Christmas card is circulating on social media. Theresa May’s handwritten card from the Labour leader – inside another signed copy of Labour’s General Election manifesto – appeared on her desk this morning with no intervention from security:

xmas cardThe musical card is said to have opened out into a P45, triggering a rousing rendition of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ (Stormzy version) that was not de-activated by closing it. Rumours that the card was accompanied by a gift-wrapped SKWAWKBOX t-shirt could not be substantiated.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Theresa May for comment but the PM declined to comment except to ask for a cough sweet.

(Since some people will complain if we don’t make it explicit – this is SATIRE!. We have been unable to identify the original source of the image but bloody well done whoever you are.)

The SKWAWKBOX needs your support…

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